Eva Hobson

Administrative Services Director

How long have you worked at camp? Were you a camper and/or counselor before?
I’ve been at Camp Kanata since the fall of 2005 (YMCA since 1989). I was not a Camp Kanata camper, but I was a Girl Scout camper and I loved it!

Favorite camp memory?
Seeing the awesome, life changing, incredibly positive impact it has on kids’ confidence and independence.

Where were you born?
Huntsville, Alabama

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A lot of the usual things: teacher, veterinarian, nurse, oceanographer. I fell into administrative work and found that I’m good at it.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in life?
I’m big on treating people fairly and respectfully. I like to look for the silver lining and appreciate the good in life.

What’s your favorite something(s) and why?
I love to travel and be exposed to other cultures. It’s important to understand how other people live. I also love really awesome movies: “Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter,” “The Princess Bride,” “Toy Story,” “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Music is a big deal to me, too: bluegrass, Broadway tunes, classical, Celtic, rock, pop, Bollywood, Latino, blues, country, folk, jazz, reggae and the list goes on.