Camp Kanata Family Play Workshops

Flow Circus and Camp Kanata are partnering to offer our families a night out where you have the opportunity to engage and play together in a fun, fresh, meaningful way. Each session will introduce one or more skill toys, provide basic instruction, create opportunities for discovery and practice and present well-being concepts. Programs are inclusive of all abilities, consistent with best practices for COVID Safety, and include take-home skill toys for lasting and growing impact.   

Skill Toy Programs:

Skill toys are simple, unplugged, culturally diverse, skill-based toys that appeal to a broad range of play styles. Each program is a 90-minute session.

Programs Dates

November 17, 2020 & December 8: Introduction to Flop Ball – (Children in grades K-3)

$62 per family
*Dinner included

This program introduces families to skill toys from around the world. Sessions will provide basic instruction, time for individual and family play, and a DIY skill toy activity. Materials:

1 Flop Ball per participant

1 Fundama Kit per family

November 19, 2020: Introduction to Flop Ball - (Children in grades 4-5)

$62 per family
*Dinner included

This program introduces the Flop Ball and a variety of ways to play. Sessions will include basic and intermediate instruction, and provide time for individual, partner, and family play. Materials:

2 Flop Balls per participant minimum. 

December 10, 2020: Introduction to Juggling - (Children in grades 6-8)

$82 per family
*Dinner included

This program introduces the basic 3 ball cascade. Sessions include step-by-step instruction and time for individual and partner practice. Materials:

1 set of juggling balls per participant

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