Christmas Week: July 15 - 21


Vista and welcome to Christmas Week, July 15 - 21.

Check here for daily updates about what's happening at Camp Kanata! Posts for each day will be up by 11 p.m.

Opening day: 

We had a great first day of Christmas Week getting to meet our new campers and their families! We were so excited to see new and old friends come through the gate at 2 p.m. Our afternoon started with activity sign ups and swim assessments. Next it was time to learn cheers for our unit’s along with the cheers for the boys and girls. For dinner we enjoyed our delicious pasta with meatballs along with toasted garlic bread and ice cream for dessert. Next up we had our camp wide cheer off where we showed off our camp spirit! After dinner each night we have an evening program and tonight we had an opening campfire. At our campfire we got to learn a little bit about camp as a whole and watch counselors perform silly skits. We end each day with a devotion in the cabin to bring everyone closer together and learn a little bit about the YMCA character traits. We’ve had an amazing start to the week and we can’t wait for our first full day tomorrow!


Merry Christmas! We are so excited that it is Christmas time here at Kanata once again. We started the day with a great Grinch themed Ad-Staff skit about the importance of caring and telling Gertrude that, since Santa is coming, there is so much to do! We went to breakfast where we ate waffles, sausage and eggs until our bellies were full. After breakfast we went back to our cabins to make sure they looked nice and clean because, at the end of the week, if your cabin has the highest average cabin cleanup score you get Kona Ice after lunch on Friday. We all had a blast at the first day of activities and afterwards we all met up with our cabins for some Cabin Time. This is a great part of the day that helps us grow close with our cabins by doing team building activities such as the low ropes course, or a nice walk around the lake. After working up an appetite we went back to the dining hall where we ate cold cut sandwiches. We enjoyed the crowd favorite M&M cookies before learning that Cabin 1 on the girl’s side and 22 on the boy’s side got out to an early lead in cabin cleanup. After lunch is rest period so everyone laid low for a little while before setting back out for Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda. This is a free period where all campers can roam to an activity they did not sign up for in morning activities. General Swim comes next so we loved cooling ourselves off in the pool or the lake before getting ready for dinner. Fried rice, spring rolls, and chicken nuggets were on the menu tonight, along with the daily salad bar, so everyone ate their fill and enjoyed the brownies we had for dessert. The nights Evening Program was the Holly Ball where all the kids help dress counselors up as Christmas Trees. We had an amazing night and we are looking forward to the week ahead. 


It was an awesome day here at Camp Kanata! We started the morning with a chapel skit from Cabin 11 to learn about honesty. For breakfast we enjoyed toast, bacon, and eggs. Each morning we have a block stacking competition between the boys and girls and our updated summer score is 14 for the boys and 18 for the girls. After breakfast we had cabin clean up and today’s winners were Cabin 22 and 4. Next up it was time for activities where everyone continued to build new skills and make friends. After our busy morning it was time for lunch where we chowed down on some chicken sandwiches with fries and M&M cookies for dessert. After lunch we were ready for Rest Period where we got to relax and get ready for the rest of the day. The next part of our day included Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Camp Store, and General Swim/Cabin Time. One awesome cabin time today was the Butterflies “Talent Tuesday” where everyone gets the chance to perform. Dinner on Tuesday’s are special because we get to roast hot dogs and s’mores with our entire unit. Also, tonight’s evening program was with our units and some units even combined together. The Daisies and Hilton did holiday stations including cookie decorating and snowflake making. In addition, the Rangers and Butterflies joined together for a waffle decorating party. To end the day every unit also had a special devotion to help bring everyone closer together and get to know ourselves and others. We had a fun filled day and are so excited for tomorrow!


Today was another fun filled day of camp! Our morning began with a chapel skit from Cabin 1 about respect. Then, it was time for breakfast where we ate sausage, eggs, and perfectly fluffy biscuits. At the end of the meal we continued our block stacking competition for the summer where the girls won bringing their score to 19 and the boys at 14. Before activities we had some cabin clean up and today’s cleanest cabins were 16 and 22. At activities we had a blast doing things like tye-dying t-shirts in Riflery and decorating cookies in Christmas class. Next we had a chance to swim in the lake or pool and spend time with our cabins. Finally it was time for lunch where we chowed down on some pizza, chips, fruit, and warm sugar cookies. Our bellies were full and we got to relax at Rest Period before starting the rest of the days activities. Next up we went to Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Camp Store, and Cabin Time/General Swim. Then it was time for dinner where we had taco night! For dessert everyone was excited for our sweet, cinnamon covered churros. Tonight’s evening program was the dance, which everyone was super hype for! All the campers got to hang out, show off their moves, and have fun! The week has been flying by but we can’t wait for tomorrow also known as “Christmas Eve”!


Our day was filled with holiday cheer as we got ready for Christmas Eve! We started the day just like normal at chapel with a skit from Cabin 10 about responsibility. For breakfast we enjoyed bagels, sausage, and scrambled eggs. After breakfast we went to another great day of activities with tie-dying in Arts and Crafts, the Canoe Trip, and more. After activities it was time for Cabin Time or Swim Time in the lake or Pool. Then we were ready for lunch where we ate chicken nuggets, corn, and delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. We got recharged for the rest of the day at Rest Period and then went to Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Camp Store, Cabin Time/General Swim. Dinner tonight was baked potatoes, ground beef, and toppings with Oreo pudding for dessert! After dinner tonight we had an extra special evening program, which was a campfire at Lower Lake. All of the unit’s performed the first part of their two-night skits. After skits we transitioned into one of our quiet times at camp as everyone headed to the ampitheatre. We all sat together for a campwide devotion where Shane read the Polar Express. Next all of the campers headed to bed in order to prepare for Christmas morning. But, the night was not over yet because “Shanta” came to visit all of the campers in their cabins and deliver presents and candy. Today was filled with a ton of Christmas spirit and camp magic and everyone is waiting eagerly for Christmas day tomorrow!


Christmas day has finally come and it could not have been more awesome! We started off the day with breakfast in at our cabins before going out for our activities. We had an amazing time at our activities because on the last day we get to do some extra fun stuff. Cheer-Dance, Synchronized Swimming and Theater Improv each had an amazing performance this morning and other activities, like soccer and basketball, challenged the Ad-Staff to a friendly game. After activities we spent time with our cabins before going to the dining hall for lunch. We enjoyed corndogs, mac and cheese triangles, and peaches for lunch finished off with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. In the true Christmas spirit everyone won cabin cleanup with perfect 100’s but Cabin’s 1 and 22 pulled out the weekly average victory and got Kona Ice after lunch! We had a great rest period before going back out for Shoula-Woulda-Coulda and general swim. After we all had a refreshing dip in the water, we went back to the dining hall for lasagna, garlic bread, brussel sprouts, and brownies for dessert. We got to see the second half of every unit’s skit tonight at closing campfire and it was decided that Sparta had the best one! We had an amazing Christmas Week here at Kanata and can’t wait to see what “Shanta” brings us next year. Until next time...