Color Wars Week: July 7-13

Opening day: 

Today was a great day! The liquid sunshine we had during check-in this afternoon cooled Camp down while our staff and campers heated up with excitement for the upcoming week. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs with sides of garlic bread and green beans. Our Evening Program, an Opening Campfire was a blast! We came together in the Gym to sing songs, watch funny skits performed by a few counselors, and get ready for the week ahead of us. We are thrilled to be together for Color Wars Week 2019 and can’t wait for what is to come!


We had a fantastic first full day of activities and fun here at Camp! Our campers started their day with a breakfast of scones, scrambled eggs, and sausage. Activities today went great; lots of campers were excited to climb the new sides of the climbing wall. For lunch we had hamburgers. We stayed cool during General Swim at the lake and pool with fun water games and attractions. For dinner we had chicken and waffles. Our Evening Program, a camp-wide Dodgeball Tournament started off our Color Wars Week Team Competition. We’re excited for another great day tomorrow!


It was a sunny and fun day at Camp! Breakfast was chicken biscuits and tater tots. Lunch was personal pizzas and potato wedges. Our campers had a blast at their activities and many are working on challenges for activity ranks. For dinner we roasted hot dogs and s’mores for our weekly Unit Night. The guy side of Camp got together after dinner to do a camp-wide game of Capture the Flag. The girls had a great time at their respective Evening Program, with homemade spas and an ice cream and waffle bar. Everyone was excited to spend time getting to know their Unit better tonight and we are looking forward to create more memories as the week goes on!


It was another amazing day here at Kanata! We started off our day with a breakfast of french toast sticks and sausage links. Lunch was chicken nuggets with fruit salad. We had a great time continuing our activities and fun for the day. For dinner we had a mac and cheese bar with meatballs and other toppings. Our Campers had a blast at our Evening Program, a Lipsync Battle. We finished off our night with a color holi powder fight which left everyone feeling colorful and excited about their Color Wars Team. We can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!

We continued having an awesome week at Camp with a fun Thursday. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy with fruit. For lunch we had yummy mediterranean cuisine. Dinner was lasagna, mixed vegetables, and garlic bread with brownies for dessert. Our Evening Program was the Dance. Our campers and counselors had a blast dancing to their favorite songs and getting dressed up in their best Color Wars Outfits. We can’t wait for a fantastic last full day tomorrow!

There’s nothing better than a Friday at Camp! Our campers started their day with a breakfast of bagels and sausage. Lunch was chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Everyone had a blast at their last day of activities and fun. Campers were super excited to see ice cream during our Camp Store Snack Time this afternoon. For dinner we had taco bar. Closing Campfire was a great time for all to reflect and celebrate our time together this week. We surely have made a family here this week together and we can’t wait to see where the rest of this summer takes us!