Hollywood Week: July 22 - 28


Vista and welcome to Hollywood Week, July 22 - 28.

Check here for daily updates about what's happening at Camp Kanata! Posts for each day will be up by 11 p.m.

Opening day: 

We had an amazing start to Hollywood Week 2018! The day began with campers and their families arriving and moving into the cabins. Our counselors were so excited to meet their new campers and see some familiar faces! The campers started off the afternoon playing name games and getting to know all of their cabinmates. In addition, everyone went to take their cabin photos and swim assessment. Next everyone learned their unit cheers along with the all girl and all boy cheers. Everyone was hungry for dinner and we filled our bellies with spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and ice cream. After dinner we had a camp wide cheer off between the boys and girls! Each night after dinner we have an evening program and tonight’s was an opening campfire where we taught everyone a bit about camp and counselors preformed goofy skits. The last thing we do before bed each night is a devotion in the cabin where we learn about YMCA character traits and grow closer to our cabin mates. It was a great day and we can’t wait for tomorrow!



Our first full day of camp was packed with new activities and friends! We started the morning at chapel where Ad Staff performed the Giving Tree as a skit to teach everyone about caring. Our breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, and fluffy waffles. After breakfast we have cabin clean up and everyone competes to win Kona Ice at the end of the week! Today’s winners were Cabin 26 and 13. After breakfast it was time for activities where campers got to participate in everything from Canoeing to Arts and Crafts! Next we went to Cabin Time or Swim Time in either the lake or pool. We had a busy morning and were ready for lunch where we enjoyed chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and our famous Kanata chocolate chip cookies for dessert! After lunch it was time for Rest Period where we relaxed to get ready for the rest of our day. Next up we went to Shoulda Woulda Coulda, which is a free choice activity. Then, we had Camp Store where everyone gets a drink and a snack to enjoy! After, we had another Cabin Time or Swim Time! Our afternoon had a bit of “liquid sunshine”, which is what we call rain here at Camp, but that didn’t stop us from having an awesome day. For dinner we had baked potatoes and tons of toppings with rice crispy treats for dessert! After dinner our evening program was a competition where campers dressed up their counselors to compete to become “Kanata’s Next Super Star”. We ended the day with devotions in the cabin and then everyone went to sleep. We had a great day and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds!


Another fantastic day at Camp Kanata is over but we had a blast! We started the day out with Cabin 3 doing Chapel before sending us to breakfast. We ate chicken biscuits before going back to our cabins to make sure they look nice and clean. We had a great time in our morning activities despite a little bit of liquid sunshine. After activities were over we all went to Cabin Time. This is a great time to get to know the other people in our cabins by trying out the low ropes course or challenging another cabin in a game of soccer. We worked up an appetite so we filled back into the dining hall for lunch. We enjoyed pizza, tater tots, and some fruit before learning that Cabin 15 and 26 were today's cabin cleanup winners. Everyone recharged during rest period to get ready for Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda. The sun warmed us up in the afternoon, so a dip in either the lake or pool for General Swim was a great relief. For dinner we roasted some hot dogs over a campfire with our units! Our evening program on Tuesday’s is unit night so everyone got to spend the night with their friends. It was a great Tuesday and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.


Wednesdays are always fun at Camp Kanata and today was no exception. We started the day off with Chapel presented by Cabin 4 and a yummy breakfast of scones, bacon, and eggs. After breakfast we went back to our cabins to make sure they look great for the daily cabin inspection. All three activity periods flew by and it was time to hang out with our cabins before we knew it. We had so much fun getting to know our cabin mates better before going back to the dining hall for lunch. Everyone enjoyed burgers and fries with M&M cookies for dessert before it was announced that Cabins 10 and 13 tied on the boy’s side while Cabin 18 won on the girl’s side. We took a break during rest period to get ready for Shoulda Woulda Coulda. After we ate our Camp Store snack we had more time to hang out with our cabins. At 6:15 we all went back to the dining hall for a chicken and waffles dinner! After dinner the cabins teamed into five groups to prepare a lip-sync battle for tonight's Kanata Idol Evening Program. The night was full of laughs and by the time we finished up in the amphitheater everyone was ready for their nightly devotion, and bed. We can’t wait to see what Thursday holds.


We can’t believe that it’s already Thursday! We started the morning with a chapel skit from Cabin 18 about the importance of responsibility. Next we were ready for breakfast where we had fluffy biscuits, eggs, and bacon. We enjoyed participating in another day of morning activities where we continued to build skills and have tons of fun. Some campers are working towards ranks in activities such as in Swimming, Alpine Tower, and Arts and Crafts. After activities we spent time with our cabins swimming or doing other activities to bond as a cabin. During Swim Time campers love getting to go paddle boarding at the lake and race down the slide! During Cabin Time many cabins go to low ropes for team building or have talent shows.  Finally, it was lunch time and we got to fill our bellies with chicken sandwiches, chips, and perfectly baked sugar cookies. After lunch we had our Rest Period, Shoulda Woulda Coulda, and then Camp Store. After camp store we had another opportunity to have Cabin Time or Swim Time. At dinner we had lasagna, garlic bread, brussel sprouts, and brownies for dessert! Everyone was so excited for our evening program, which was the dance and many campers look forward to it all week! At the dance, kids also have the opportunity to play Nine-Square or go on the Climbing Wall. At the Hilton Vs. Lower Lake dance off it was a tough competition but the Hilton ended up winning! The week has flown by but everyone is excited for the last full day and to show off skits tomorrow night!



Time really does fly when you’re having fun! We had a great last day of camp that started with chapel just like the rest of the week. Cabin 15 preformed a skit about having faith in yourself and others. Our breakfast was eggs, sausage, toast, and grits! Everyone was excited to head out for our final day of activities. Some activity highlights were the big swing at Alpine, the Cheer and Dance performance, and Ad Staff challenges. Next it was time for Cabin Time or Swim Time. At Cabin Time everyone was getting prepared for this evening’s skits and practicing in order to win. At swim time everyone got the chance to do their favorite lake attractions one last time. Lunch was a treat with corn dogs, mac n cheese triangles, sweet potatoes, and chocolate chip cookies. After lunch we found out the cabin clean up winners of the day, which were Cabins 5, 9, and 10. We also found out the weekly winners, Cabin 18 and 13, who got to enjoy Kona Ice! Next we had Rest Period so everyone could relax before the rest of our busy day. Afterwards we had Shoulda Woulda Coulda and then Camp Store where it was ice cream day! After we were full from our sweet treats it was time for another Swim Time or Cabin Time. Dinner tonight was taco night with hard shells, ground beef, and tons of toppings along with churros for dessert! Our evening program was closing campfire where all of the units perform skits. The winner for week 7 was the Daisy Unit! Overall, we had an amazing week filled with new friends and fun memories. Until next time…