Jungle Week: June 23-29

Opening day: 

Jungle Week 2019 is off to a fantastic start here at Camp Kanata. For dinner, we had classic spaghetti, and ice cream cups for dessert. Ryan Eves, our Camp Director greeted everyone with an enthusiastic “Vista” in the Dining Hall during our bi-weekly Cheer-Off between the Girls and Boys sides. After dinner, our counselors performed some awesome skits for the campers at Opening Campfire and had everyone laughing. We are so excited to be here together and cannot wait to start activities tomorrow!


We had a great day today! Breakfast was bacon, scrambled eggs and biscuits. Our campers were very excited to get started in their activities. For lunch we had pizza, applesauce, and fried pickles. General Swim time was incredibly fun with the sunny and warm weather we had today. Dinner was a fantastic barbecue meal. For Evening Program, our campers got to chase their counselors who were dressed up as animals in a “Wild Counselor Hunt”. We are happy to be here together and can’t wait for the rest of an amazing week!