Jungle Week: June 23-29

Opening day: 

Jungle Week 2019 is off to a fantastic start here at Camp Kanata. For dinner, we had classic spaghetti, and ice cream cups for dessert. Ryan Eves, our Camp Director greeted everyone with an enthusiastic “Vista” in the Dining Hall during our bi-weekly Cheer-Off between the Girls and Boys sides. After dinner, our counselors performed some awesome skits for the campers at Opening Campfire and had everyone laughing. We are so excited to be here together and cannot wait to start activities tomorrow!


We had a great day today! Breakfast was bacon, scrambled eggs and biscuits. Our campers were very excited to get started in their activities. For lunch we had pizza, applesauce, and fried pickles. General Swim time was incredibly fun with the sunny and warm weather we had today. Dinner was a fantastic barbecue meal. For Evening Program, our campers got to chase their counselors who were dressed up as animals in a “Wild Counselor Hunt”. We are happy to be here together and can’t wait for the rest of an amazing week!


Today started out with a yummy breakfast of waffles and strawberries with cream. The energy at Camp stayed high throughout the day as campers headed to cabintimes and activities. Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches. Our second Unit Night of Summer 2019 was excellent with lots of hotdogs and s’mores. Counselors had planned fun activities for their Units like Luaus at the Waterfront and games of Rangerball after everyone finished eating. The night ended with a beautiful sunset. We’re looking forward to another fun day tomorrow!


It was another sunny day at Camp! For breakfast we had toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage. Campers continued to have an awesome time in their activities, some are even achieving ranks as they complete challenges! Lunch was chicken tenders, fruit and potato wedges. After a dinner of lasagna and garlic bread, campers and counselors participated in a camp-wide Jungle Decathlon. It is hard to believe we only have 2 full days left, but we are excited to continue the memory making together this week.


We had an awesome day today! For breakfast we had delicious pancakes and for lunch we had cold cut sandwiches with chips and veggies. The sun was bright throughout the day and campers had a blast trying out our lake attractions all afternoon. Dinner was egg rolls, rice, and sweet and sour chicken. Our Evening Program, the weekly Dance was incredibly fun! Campers and Staff had a fantastic time dancing the night away. We are looking forward to a fun last full day for Jungle Week 2019!


Today was a perfect day to end our week together.  We had egg and sausage burritos with tater tots for breakfast and chicken sandwiches for lunch. Many activities like Kanacapella, Theatre/Improv and Synchro Swim held camp-wide performances during morning activities  that showcased what they worked on this week. After a dinner of tacos, our campers were excited to present their Unit Skits at our Closing Campfire. The Spartan Unit took home first place with their awesome jungle themed skit. Jungle Week 2019 was a fun week and we are thankful to have become Kanata family here together.