Pirate Week: June 10 - 16


Vista and Welcome to Pirate Week!

Check here for daily updates about what's happening at Camp Kanata! Posts for each day will be up by 11pm.

Opening day: 

We had a great day here at Camp Kanata meeting all of this week's campers. We had a beautiful, sunny afternoon where campers learned new cheers, took the swim assessment and signed up for activities. For dinner we enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs along with some delicious garlic bread. After dinner everyone went to the amphitheater where we had a hilarious opening campfire filled with skits and songs. We can not wait for the first full day of camp tomorrow!


It was a great Monday today at camp filled with swimming, warm cookies and new activities. We started our day at chapel learning about caring, the character trait of the day. Our administrative staff put on a skit that taught campers the importance of a positive attitude and being kind to their friends. For breakfast we enjoyed quiche, sausage and a tall glass of orange juice. After breakfast everyone had cabin clean up where the cabin receives a cleanliness score. Today, the cabin clean up winner was cabin 25 so they got to be first in line at camp store! After cabin clean up campers headed to their activities such as nature class, canoeing and arts and crafts. For lunch we had chicken nuggets, french fries and some gooey M&M cookies for dessert. After lunch campers had rest period, Shoulda Woulda Coulda (free choice activity) and Camp Store (snack time). After this the campers got to swim in the pool, lake or have cabin time. Next it was time for dinner where we ate baked potatoes with toppings, broccoli and delicious chocolate chip brownies. Last but not least was our evening program of capture the flag where the whole camp was divided into teams to play. Today was an awesome day and we can not wait to start again tomorrow!


Today was an amazing day at camp with great weather to cool us off. Tuesday is honesty day and Cabin Five led a chapel this morning to start off our day. For breakfast we enjoyed chicken biscuits. After breakfast everyone headed back to their favorite activities! At lunch we ate some tasty pizza and tater tots along with some sweet oatmeal raisin cookies.  Our cabin clean up winner was Cabin six on the girls side and Cabin nine on the boys. Tonight was unit night, which means that everyone got to roast hot dogs and make s’mores over a fire with all the cabins in their unit. The Daisies paired up with Hilton and the Spartans paired up with Lower Lake to hangout and cook their food. After, all of the units did their own activities such as the Rangers doing “Rangerball” and the Butterflies doing games with paint. To finish off the day every unit did their own devotion that focus on the YMCA character traits and bring the cabin closer together. We are so excited for another fun day tomorrow!


We can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Today was warm, sunny and filled with fun! Our character trait of the day was respect and we started the morning with a chapel skit from cabin 14. Everyone was reminded to be kind to one another in our actions and the way we communicate with others. This morning we got to enjoy many camper’s favorite meal here at Kanata - scones! Our cabin clean-up winners were Cabin 24 on the boy’s side and Cabin 18 on the girls. For lunch we ate hamburgers, warm French fries and soft sugar cookies. Everyone enjoyed time in the lake, in the pool, with their cabins and going to activities throughout the day. This evening we ate chicken and waffles, which seemed to be a hit! Our after-dinner activity was a pirate magic show from Captain Jim. After this everyone went back to their cabins for a devotion to finish off the day. Tomorrow will be another great day, and everyone is really looking forward to the camp wide dance!


Another day has come and gone here at Kanata, and we made the most of it. Today was warm and sunny but a lot of pool and lake time helped us stay cool. Responsibility was highlighted in cabin 17's performance at the chapel skit this morning because it is our Kanata trait of the day. After chapel we enjoyed some sausage biscuits for breakfast. The boys got their first blockstacking win of the summer, bringing the score to 3-1. Everyone chowed down on some chicken sandwiches for lunch before learning that cabin 3 on the girl’s side and cabin 13 on the boy’s side won cabin cleanup. We were treated to some juicy pork chops and mixed veggies for dinner and some chocolate Oreo pudding for dessert. The evening program tonight was the much-anticipated DANCE! Everyone at camp had an awesome time on the dancefloor, but also enjoyed climbing on the new rock wall and nine-square. The day ended with a cabin devotion and dreams of an incredible last full day of Pirate Week 2018. 



It’s hard to believe that it is already Friday here at Camp Kanata. We had an amazing day that started with our chapel about Faith from Cabin 15. Breakfast was delicious and included eggs, toast and bacon. The girls won blockstacking today bringing the score to four for the girls and one for the boys. After breakfast everyone went to enjoy the last day of activities for the week. Today’s lunch was a treat where we ate eat corn dogs, mac and cheese triangles and our famous chocolate chip cookies. Today’s cabin clean up winners were Cabin 24 and Cabin 3. The winners for the week were Cabin 25 and 3 on the girls side and Cabin 11 for the boys. These cabins got to enjoy Kona Ice after lunch! Tonight was taco night for dinner and everyone was super excited! After dinner we had a cheer-off in the dining hall and our closing campfire followed after. It’s been a great week and we are sad to see it end, but we know the week was filled with friendship, new accomplishments and plenty of warm cookies to go around.