Space Week: August 4-10

Opening day: 

We had a great day to begin Space Week 2019! Campers sure remembered to pack their camp spirit and lots of energy which made our check-in today awesome. For dinner we had spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread and green beans on the side. Our Evening Program was an Opening Campfire. We enjoyed watching skits and singing songs together while learning about the fun-filled week we have ahead of us. We can’t wait to make even more memories together this week!


It was a fantastic day here at Camp. We started our morning off with a breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. Campers headed to their activities after breakfast and tried so many new things. For lunch we had personal pizzas. We had a little bit of liquid sunshine this afternoon and made the best of the extra Cabin Time by getting to know our new cabinmates. For dinner we had hawaiin rolls and barbeque. Our Evening Program was a camp-wide Talent Show. Our campers had a blast showing off how talented they are and everyone a great time watching. We can’t wait for another awesome day tomorrow!


Today was a super great day! For breakfast we had waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. Lunch was mozzarella sticks, chicken, and fried corn and cheese nuggets with grapes. We had extended Cabin Time again today because of the liquid sunshine and everyone had a blast strengthening the friendships they have already made this week. For dinner we roasted hot dogs and s’mores. For Unit Night, the girl and guy sides of camp got together for their own activities. The girls had a blast playing with paint and making “Girl Power” posters while the boys had a fun camp-wide scavenger hunt. We are looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow!


We had another awesome day today! For breakfast we had toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Lunch was chicken tenders and potato wedges. Campers had a great time trying out the lake attractions and cooling down in the pool this afternoon with their new friends. Dinner was cheese ravioli with garlic bread and mixed vegetables. For our Evening Program, we had a camp-wide Star Wars event, with a rotation of different sports and activities. We are excited for another fun-filled day tomorrow!


We had a fantastic day at camp! Breakfast was pancakes and sausage. Campers had an awesome time in activities and many are completing challenges for their ranks. For lunch we had cheeseburgers. Dinner was dumplings, brown rice with veggies, and chicken. Our Evening Program was the weekly Dance. Everyone had a blast dressing up and dancing the night away. We are looking forward to making even more memories tomorrow!


Our last full day together was an incredible one. We ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hawaiin rolls this morning. Lunch was chicken sandwiches. Our campers had the best time in the water this afternoon, staying cool as the sun shone high in the sky. Dinner was tacos. Tonight for our Evening Program we had a Closing Campfire. We watched skits from each unit and Lower Lake placed first. It was a great evening to close out an even better week. We are lucky to have been able to call each other a Kanata family during our time together. Until next time, be well and do good.