Space Week: July 29 - Aug. 4


Vista and welcome to Space Week, July 29 - Aug. 4.

Check here for daily updates about what's happening at Camp Kanata! Posts for each day will be up by 11 p.m.

Opening day: 

Vista from Camp Kanata! We are so happy that check in for the first ever Space Week went so well. After everyone arrived at camp the cabins had three things to do: take a camp tour, take the swim assessment, and take their cabin photo. Everything went very smoothly and then we were ready to meet in the dining hall for dinner! We had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread on the side for dinner and ice cream for dessert. After dinner we all went to the gym for opening campfire. We talked about what the week will hold and also performed a bunch of silly counselor skits. We ended the night with nightly devotion in our cabins before going to bed early to get ready for the week ahead.


We had so much fun getting to experience our first full day of camp! We started the morning with chapel from our Ad Staff about caring. Then, it was time for breakfast where enjoyed sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits. After we had cabin clean up and today’s winners were 13,14, and 3. Next we went to activities where campers got to make new friends and build new skills. After activities campers spent time with their cabin mates swimming at the lake or pool, or doing a cabin time activity. At lunch we had delicious pizza with our famous chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Everyone was feeling a little tired so we had Rest Period where everyone gets to relax before heading out for the rest of our action packed day. Then it was time for Shoulda Woulda Coulda where campers get to pick any activity to do at camp. After we had Camp Store, which is a snack time. Once we had our snacks we had another time to spend with our cabin mates either swimming or hanging out in the cabin. At dinner tonight we had pulled pork sandwiches with beans and corn. For dessert we had banana pudding topped with Nilla Wafers. After dinner each night we have an evening program and tonight we had a camp wide “decathlon”. In our decathlon cabins had to do things such as score a soccer goal, make a free throw, and spell out their cabin number using the people in the cabin. To end our evening all of the cabins had a devotion, flashlight time, and then were off to bed. It was a great day and we can’t wait to see all the memories we make this week!


Space Week has really been out of this world over the past few days! Our morning started off at chapel with a skit from Cabin 16 about honesty. At breakfast we were treated to some cinnamon rolls, bacon, and orange slices. After it was time for cabin clean up where all the cabins are competing to win Kona Ice at the end of the week. Today’s cleanest cabins were 12, 14, and 27. Next we were ready for activities such as Arts and Crafts, Canoeing, and “Space Class”. Some campers are even working towards ranking in activities such as Archery, Canoeing, Riflery, and Alpine where they work specifically on skill building. Next on our schedule was Swim Time or Cabin Time. A popular Cabin Time activity is the butterfly talent show where all the campers get to preform talents individually or in a group! Everyone was hungry for lunch and we got to fill our bellies with chicken alfredo pasta! After lunch we were ready to hang out in the cabin for Rest Period. Then it was time for Shoulda Woulda Coulda and Camp Store. After our snack we had another Swim Time or Cabin Time. Then we were ready for dinner where we got to roast hot dogs and s’mores with our units. Campers also got to do an evening program with the units such as Hilton’s “Space Stations”. Although we had a bit of rain we had an amazing day getting to do activities and bond with our cabin mates. We know that tomorrow will be just as amazing!


We had an amazing Wednesday at Camp Kanata! We started off the day with Chapel presented by Cabin 9, and a delicious breakfast of French Toast sticks and sausage links. After breakfast we made sure our cabins looked great for the day ahead and went to our activities. After activities we joined with our cabins for either a trip to the lake or some free time. Some cabins like to challenge others in a game of basketball and some like to make an Eno village in the trees, but whatever they do it is sure to be a blast. We all met back in the dining hall for chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and everyone’s favorite, M&M cookies. Cabins 25 and 10 won the daily cabin cleanup award, which means they are one step closer to Kona Ice on Friday. Our bellies were full before going back to the cabins for rest period. This is a great time to lay down and recharge and get ready for the rest of the day. Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda went by faster than ever and before we knew it was time for Camp Store. Everyone ate their snack before going back out for General Swim Time at the lake or pool. A little bit of liquid sunshine cut our swim time short but we did not let it stop us from having a great time with our cabin mates. At 6:15 we met back at the flagpole for some songs before going in for dinner. We ate garlic bread, lasagna, and brussel sprouts for dinner and spongy strawberry shortcake for dessert. Beaver-shark Tank was tonight’s Evening Program so every cabin was paired with another and tasked with coming up with an invention to present to the rest of camp. The night was full of laughs and we hope that tomorrow brings the same!


Thursdays are always amazing at Camp Kanata and today was no exception. The day started with a spectacular Chapel from Cabin 6 about responsibility and how it applies to camp life. After waking up Gertrude, the little old lady across the lake who doesn’t have electricity, we went to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits. After filling our bellies we went back to our cabins to tidy them up for the day ahead. The activities were fun with many of them finding ways to adapt their game to play in the pool or lake. After activities were over we met back with our cabins for either Cabin Time or morning swim. We were hungry again so we went back to the dining hall for cold cut sandwiches, chips, and amazing chocolate chip cookies. We went to the cabins for rest period after finding out that Cabin’s 1 and 11 had the cleanest cabins. Rest period was a little long because of some liquid sunshine, but that did not stop anyone from having a great time with their friends inside playing card games and telling stories. We had chicken nuggets, green beans, and mashed potatoes for dinner and banana pudding for dessert tonight before everyone got ready for the camp-wide dance party at the gym. We danced all night until it was time for devotion and bed. Thursday was great but now everyone is dreaming of what Friday has in store. 


This week flew by but it was so amazing! Our morning began at Chapel with a skit from Cabin 2 about faith. Then it was breakfast time where we had bagels with sausage, eggs, and cheese. Cabin clean up took place after breakfast where everyone cleaned really well in hopes of winning Kona Ice. On the boys side the winner of the day was Cabin 12 and the winner of the week and Kona Ice was Cabin 14. On the girls side the daily winner was Cabin 4 and the winner of the week was Cabin 1. Next we went to morning activities where campers got to do things such as Big Swing at Alpine or work hard to finish up ranks. Then it was Cabin Time or Swim Time where we got a last chance to go on lake attractions or just bond with our cabin. For lunch we had hamburgers and fries with our perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies. The next part of the day included Rest Period, Shoulda Woulda Coulda, and Camp Store. At Camp Store on Friday’s everyone gets to enjoy ice-cream, especially the Chaco Tacos. Then we had another Cabin Time or Swim Time where people practiced their skits for this evening. Tonight was taco night where we had grilled chicken and lots of toppings with Rice Krispy Treats for dessert.  After dinner was our Closing Campfire where each unit preformed a skit. This week’s skit winner was the Spartan Unit! Overall, it was a great week and we know it was filled with memories to last a lifetime. Until next time…