Overnight Camper Health Forms and Information

(NOTE:  This page does not apply to Kanata Day Campers.)

We are excited for you to submit all of your camper’s forms for Summer 2020 through our Online Portal. 

1. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to enter the portal.

2. Choose “Camp Kanata."

3. Read the instructions! We promise you that in taking the time to read them, the process will be successful for you. 

4. Begin. You do not have to finish this all in one sitting. Information can be saved as you go and returned to at your convenience.

Completed forms for Camp Kanata Summer 2020 must be submitted two-weeks prior to your session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your camper is also registered for Camp Sea Gull and/or Camp Seafarer, you will need to complete the forms on both portal sites. 

Completed online forms for Spring 2020 must be submitted online two-weeks prior to your session.

Health Forms and Keeping our Community Safe

We understand that many doctor’s offices around the country are waiving appointments and prioritizing families who are experiencing issues related to COVID-19. Living in a residential setting this summer and the health of our staff and campers has never been more important. Therefore, we are holding to our current standard of requiring campers and staff to have a physical within 1 year of their first day of Camp. 

For any scheduling conflicts with your Doctor's office, please email Eva Hobson and she, in collaboration with the Camp Director, will work through any issues with you. 

Additional actions we are taking to ensure a safe Camp community this summer include adding a pre-arrival COVID-19 screening self-assessment as well as COVID-19 questions/protocols to opening day screening. Your child’s safety remains our number one priority and we will continue to adjust to the guidelines and protocols set forth by the CDC and other authoritative organizations.

At Camp Kanata, we want to learn as much as we can about your child before he or she arrives. Having prior knowledge about a recent loss or major change in the child’s life, a learning difficulty, ADHD, medical or other behavioral characteristics make a significant difference in helping us to be sensitive to your child’s needs for patience, understanding and reassurance – especially in the first few days of Camp. 

All information is kept confidential and is used for cabin assignments, to alert health staff to potential issues, and empower your child to have the most rewarding and fun-filled Camp experience possible. 

You do not have to complete this process in one sitting. Information can be saved as you go, and you can return to any sections you skip when it is convenient for you.  

When you have finished updating all sections, you will have an option to choose “Send to Camp.” This final submission will notify us that the information in your portal has been completed and is ready to be reviewed by our staff. If there are issues with the forms you have submitted, the Camp Kanata staff will contact you directly.

Our Camp Forms Portal is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or tablet device using Safari, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer.  For display purposes, we do not recommend using Google Chrome or your smartphone.