Waldo Photo Service

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Waldo Photos to power our photo delivery this summer! Waldo offers an optional service that uses facial recognition to find all the photos your camper is in and sends them straight to your phone via the Waldo app. No more digging for hours to find the photos you want! You even get notifications when new photos are found.

Cost per Camper

1 Week Session: $9.99
An additional $5 for each additional camp session

Be sure to select all the sessions that your camper is attending!

With your paid subscription, you will have all your camper’s photos delivered to you, and also have access to view and download the rest of the camp’s photos from that session. You can even invite six other family members to also receive your camper’s photos for free!

Waldo also offers a Gallery to scroll through and view all the photos for free.

In both the Waldo App, and the Gallery, you can download photos, purchase prints, and share photos to Facebook.


Waldo photo service enrollment information is sent via email to enrolled camper families only. Please contact Camp if you are missing this information.

Need help? Email campsupport@waldophotos.com.