Summer 2020 Options

Please use this form as your written request to cancel a Camp Kanata session or program. Please submit one form per camper. 

***You may see an error message after submitting your form. Please disregard it; we are receiving cancelations.*** 

Option to Give

We know this decision causes a significant gap financially for Camp, but believe that together we can get through this tough time and ensure a successful summer in 2021. As you review your financial situation during COVID-19, please know that a philanthropic gift will help Camp to bridge the financial gap for the upcoming year. This donation will be tax-deductible.
I would like to have my refund amount reallocated and considered a tax-deductible donation to YMCA Camp Kanata, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. I understand that I will receive a receipt from the YMCA for tax purposes
Please enter the amount you would like to allocate to YMCA Camp Kanata.