Capital Campaign

For over sixty years, children and families have come to Camp Kanata to learn about nature, to explore the great outdoors and to create new friendships. While our traditions remain the same, our programs and needs are growing.

While parents and program participants love Camp Kanata programs and traditions, they say our facilities need improvement. Modern enhancements are vital to Kanata’s future success. 

Growing Service

Since 2006, summer camp enrollment has grown 19%. More than 10,000 people connect with nature at Camp Kanata each year. Camp Kanata day camp, overnight camp and extended season programs transform lives.

In 2016, more than 7,500 Y Guides participants visited Kanata during their Fall Outing and more than 2,500 individuals attended our extended season programs. That's why we're determined to keep pace with that growth through facility improvements.

Dining Hall

The Camp Kanata dining hall was originally designed to serve 80. Today, more than 300 overnight campers are served each day during the summer.

Modern features include:
• Multipurpose space for fall and spring programming
• State-of-the-art equipment to prepare fresh foods
• Larger dining and kitchen space to meet current needs

Cabins & Staff Housing

Improved housing facilities will feature:
• Cabins with attached bathroom facilities
• Additional bed space to meet growing summer capacity
• Modern housing for summer staff

Get Involved

To learn more about these projects and how you can participate, please contact us at 919-556-2661. 

Contact Ryan Eves for more information.

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