Our Mission

As a branch of the YMCA of the Triangle, Camp Kanata shares the YMCA’s Mission: To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

In that Christian principles are caring and inclusive, we respect various expressions of faith and serve families and campers from all traditions, backgrounds and perspectives. Our Mission compels us to embrace, reflect and celebrate the richness of diversity within each other and the community. At Camp, we invite, welcome and involve everyone to work side by side with us to further our Purpose  – to strengthen the foundations of our community. 

Our Gates are Open for All

Camp Kanaga helps youth, teens and young people become the best version of themselves. We are an inclusive and welcoming place dedicated to serving families and campers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, faiths, journeys and perspectives. 

We are also experts with a 69-year history of balancing the needs of individual campers and the needs of our overall and collective Camp community during the summer. When required, we take time to understand the unique needs of families and campers attending and those considering coming to Camp to build empathy and work with them appropriately.