Cabin Life

Cabin life is a key component of your camper's overnight camp experience. Cabinmates form bonds that often transcend summers and a small community is built during each session. Cabinmates and counselors spend time together building bonds during meals, cabin time, swim time, evening program and devotion. 


Each cabin is well-lit with excellent ventilation, furnished interiors and bunk beds and houses at least two counselors and 10 - 14 campers. 


Cabin Units

Cabins are grouped together by age and unit. Boys and girls are part of different units depending on their age. We have Daisies, Butterflies and Angels and Spartans, Rangers and Knights.

Cabin Units


We try to honor at least one cabinmate request per child. Cabinmate requests must be mutual.

We intentionally group campers together around age, grade, experience at camp and other factors.

Cabinmate request forms are part of your online forms. 

Cabins for our younger campers have bathrooms and showers inside the cabin. Other cabins use separate bathhouses that are fully equipped with individual shower stalls and bathrooms.

Either way, campers can shower in complete privacy.

Bathhouses and cabin bathrooms are professionally cleaned every day.

Cabin assignments will be sent by e-mail approximately one week before Campers arrive. Cabin assignments are made before campers arrive and therefore there will be no changes or requests accepted after they are e-mailed. It is important to address any potential concerns about cabin assignments with your camper before then. Cabin assignments will not be changed on check-in day.  

We are intentional about placing campers in cabins that may best fit them based on the information provided to us by the parents/guardians in the Camper Information Form, which is why it is so important to provide as much information as possible.  

Bottom bunk requests can be made on the 'Cabin Placement' form in the 'Additional Details' comment box within Online Camper Forms Portal. Beds are assigned before campers arrive.