Fabulous Fourth of July

From the parade to the fireworks, celebration is all around you during the week of Independence Day at Camp Kanata. Counselors are decked out in red, white and blue and campers of all backgrounds come together to cheer on the U.S.A.

"Even though I am away from home, the traditions continue at Camp Kanata," said Scott Kries, a counselor. "Each year we have our own fireworks show. The fireworks explode over the moonlit lake and it is a rare sight to see. I look forward to it each summer."

At the beginning of this week, 10 campers from Spain flew in to Camp Kanata. For them, it was truly a different experience.

"At first, I was shocked at the amount of energy everyone had as they cheered on their country," one camper said. "But, I quickly joined in on the fun and loved every minute of it."

At Kanata, a special bond is created between campers and counselors from all different backgrounds.

"Coming together and celebrating as a unit is what Camp Kanata and America is all about," said Programs Coordinator, Kelly Hince. "Through my experience here this year, I have learned that everyone has a story. If you take the time to listen, you will soon learn to cherish what really matters. We all have more in common than you think."

"No matter what your story or background might be, Kanata is a place that you can be your unique self and truly be accepted," said counselor, Ethen Kratt. "It's a special place that brings out the best in you."

Whether campers come from down the road or across the world, Camp Kanata celebrates each person that enters through the gates. That is the magic of Camp Kanata.