How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Camp

Every child is different, but one thing is certain - any age is a great age to come to camp! Camp is a growing experience. It’s a chance to learn new skills, make new friends and have fun. No matter your child's interest, Camp Kanata has something for everyone.

Campers come to Camp Kanata from ages 7 - 15 and the majority are ages 9 – 12. I didn’t go to camp for the first time until I was 14. You know your child best. They may be ready at age 5, or not until 10, but whenever it is, we specialize in first-time campers, whether they come for day or overnight. 

Kids that want to come but are a little reluctant, encourage them to invite a friend. We work hard to make the experience great for all kids - the shy and the outgoing alike.

Generating Interest in Camp

It's important that your child shows an interest in going to camp. If they aren’t interested, forcing them to go probably isn’t going to help create a terrific experience. But there are ways you can generate interest. Visit our website together, watch some camp videos together, and come take a camp tour together. This will help both you and your child feel more excited, comfortable and confident about camp. 

Day and Weekend Camps

If your child is in elementary school and is new to camp, day camp is a great option and an easy way to get the camp experience without committing to an overnight camp. Most children start out as day campers and then try overnight camp. Weekend camps are mini versions of overnight summer camp and are also a great way to introduce camp to your child. 


Sometimes as parents, we are the ones who aren’t ready for overnight camp. Parents often have more concerns about going to camp than their children. It’s hard to hand over our kids and trust them to adults we don’t know. As a fellow parent, I always encourage other parents to start by researching camps and taking tours. 

At Camp Kanata, we give parents a window into the world of camp while their children are with us. Parents can simply login to our site and see photos of their kids. Parents can also send an email to their child.


Missing home is a very normal response, but it is almost always overcome by the third day. I see kids who get sad because they miss home, but by the end of camp they’re sad because they will miss camp and their new camp friends! 

Children with Medical Concerns

If your child has medical needs, rest assured. Camp Kanata has not just one, but two nurses on site. Both nurses are very accustomed to working at camp and are very good at working with children with medical needs. We regularly have kids come to camp with special needs like asthma, food allergies and Diabetes and we're well equipped to meet their needs. 

Camp Open House 

Camp Kanata will have an open house on Sunday, April 23 from 2 - 4:30 p.m. Our open houses are a great way to come and check us out. We find that children who come to an open house get excited, build confidence and then are ready to go to camp.

Our regular overnight camps are already full for summer 2017, but there are still day and weekend camp openings, so we hope you’ll come see us! We’re excited about our biggest and best summer ever!

Until Next Time … Be Well and Do Good

Shane Brown
Camp Director

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