Keeping Cool at Kanata

There are so many FUN activities at Camp Kanata to help campers stay cool. Whether it is in the water or on land, campers enjoy the outdoors while staying safe and getting a reprieve from the summer heat.  

Campers enjoy extra rest periods with their cabinmates where they bond over games and quality time together. Many times, the campers leave saying those times were the most meaningful. 

Campers also enjoy cooling off during general swim times at the lake and/or pool. They have a blast on the water slide, the tarzan rope, or just swimming with their friends. 

In addition to keeping cool in the water, campers are encourged to stay hydrated by utilizing our special "hydration stations". These "stations' make it fun for kids to drink water and keep their water bottles full. 

As a result, all week long, your camper will enjoy the beauty of camp in a safe and fun way!