Make A Difference

Every kid needs camp. The Kanata community strives to offer a life-changing camp experience to all thanks to donations to the Annual Campaign, We Build People.

Through funds raised by Camp Kanata board member Ragan Ramsey and her husband, Billy, WAJ Properties supported kids from subsidized housing developments throughout the Triangle, giving them the chance to go to Camp Kanata. These kids were from different backgrounds, but all had shared the same need to be accepted by their peers and encouraged by positive role models.

On September 17, some of the sponsored Kanata families gathered for a reunion to share stories, look through pictures and enjoy a meal together.

Ella shared her story. Each day, she faces challenges as a mother. With an 10-year-old son, Marcus, a 13-year-old daughter in a wheelchair, and a husband who works as a long-haul driver, almost every minute of her day is spent tending to the needs of her family.

“Because of our situation, I am often unable to give Marcus the attention he needs,” Ella noted, “The encouragement and the experience that my son received from his week at Camp Kanata provided him with more than we could teach him in a year.”

For Ella, camp is now so important to her son that they have started saving for next year. Funds from the Annual Campaign will pay the rest.

“The stories we heard during the reunion have inspired us. There is a great need in our community and we have an opportunity to help meet that need,” said Ragan, “Billy and I feel so blessed that we were present to see the impact of the Annual Campaign first-hand. We are committed to expand the amount of kids sponsored this year and in the years to come.”

How can you can help families send kids to Camp Kanata?

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