Note from the Director

Summer is in full swing and we are having a blast at Camp Kanata. Each week is filled with our rich camp traditions and we have enjoyed getting to know the campers who come to share their summer with us.  Highlights have included swimming at the lake, hikes to the big tree, and camp dances.    
We know it is more important than ever for children to unplug and we are so glad that the campers are able to experience nature and the outdoors here at camp. Kanata, hovever, is about so much more.  It is about children making new friends.  It is about new experiences.  It is about changing lives! 
Our campers are creating lifelong bonds with their new and old friends. They are enjoying the sunshine and many activities that we have to offer. Through their time at camp, many campers gain confidence and conquer their fears, shaping them into leaders that celebrate their individuality and take pride in who they are. That, is camp magic.
Until Next Time…
Be Well and Do Good
Shane Brown