Cabin Counselors

YMCA Camp Kanata is seeking leaders to serve as counselors for the summer of 2023. Counselors live with and care for campers in their cabins and instruct on a variety of activities throughout the summer.

Summer cabin counselors work outside through all kinds of summer weather. They lead by example, demonstrate strength of character and are positive role models.

Staff Expectations

Time Commitment

We are looking for qualified camp counselors who are available from June 4 - August 12, 2023. We prefer to hire staff who can commit to Kanata for the entire summer season.


Applying to work at Kanata is a competitive process. We typically have more applicants than spaces. We expect applicants to be a minimum of 16 years of age at the time of application, CILT (Camper in Leadership Training) and CIT (Counselor in Training) experience preferred, and one to two years of experience of working with children. Priority is given to applicants who are available to work the entire summer. 


Our staff members must possess the highest moral character and serve as positive role models. This can be articulated through Kanata’s founding character traits: Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Faith and Family.

Your Role

Cabin counselors live in a cabin with co-counselors and about 12 campers. They also teach a variety of activities each week ranging from traditional sports, to swimming, to our Alpine Tower to archery or BBs. Kanata provides training on all activities.  

Patience, flexibility and endurance are the three most important qualities when working as a counselor. Your role as a cabin counselor requires you to work long hours, present your best self and selflessly serve others. Staff training lasts one week before the start of summer and is required for all staff members.


Campers are inspired by your energy and enthusiasm, so counselors must have high energy every day. If you’re having fun and giving your energy and talent to the campers, the campers have fun, and get inspired to be more and learn more.

Staff Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive and progressive pay schedule determined by your experience, age, and certifications.

Camp Living & Three Daily Meals

Room and board are included. As a counselor, you’ll eat family-style for breakfast, lunch and dinner with your campers.


Each week you’ll receive one evening/overnight off during the week and approximately 24 hours off each weekend*. Summer cabin counselors are welcome to leave Kanata grounds during their time off.

*Approximately noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday

Professional Development

Camp is invested in your development and your success. Our objective is to fully equip you with the leadership skills that will enable you to be an effective leader at camp, at school, and in today’s workforce. Our leadership development program reflects 21st century skills that are vital for success in today’s world. We focus on building excellent skills in the areas of collaborative teamwork, effective communication, creative thinking and problem solving, and effective management skills. While at camp, we are helping you identify and develop your strengths in these areas. Many colleges and universities give internship/class credit for summer positions at Camp. 

Certification Courses

Different roles at camp require certifications. If we require you to have a certain course, we’ll coordinate with you to get it. Our offerings include YMCA First Aid/CPR, Lifeguarding, Alpine, US Archery, and Civilian Marksmanship Program (Riflery).

It's More Than Just a Job

"Being on staff at Camp Kanata means everything to me. I love how much Camp celebrates and allows us to grow at our own pace. The amazing support system that we have at Camp is like nothing I’ve been a part of before. I appreciate how Camp allows us to be our true selves and all different walks of life are welcomed with open arms." -Essence Ferguson (Senior Counselor & Archery Chief)

"My time on the Camp Kanata staff has allowed me the opportunity to work with a supportive team of driven individuals to provide a great experience for youth in my community."  -Joey Taffe (Junior Counselor & Day Camp Junior Support Captain) 

"Being on staff at Kanata gives you a true purpose and allows you to change people’s lives while also changing your own."  -Sofie Roskin (Senior Counselor & first time staff member)


Being a Camp staff member allows you to connect to our alumni network of former staff and parents who are business owners and employers who recognize your commitment to character. Sharing Camp with alumni and parents is a common language that demonstrates your dedication, commitment and strong work ethic. We are frequently asked to refer our most talented staff.

Pro Deals

During the summer you’ll have access to a variety of deals available to industry professionals. These range from clothing, gear, and more at varying discounts. 

Personnel Office Contact Information
YMCA Camp Kanata
Becky Trevillian, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
(919) 556-2661

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