Preparing For Camp

Preparing for overnight camp is more than just packing a duffel bag (although you’ll need to do that too).

Children who understand what to expect at Camp will have the best experiences. Sometimes the easiest way to help your child prepare is to show them this website and photos of Camp.

We also recommend talking with your child about the potential for homesickness, especially with first-time campers. For second and third-year campers, try setting a few goals, such as going down the double water slide, learning to kayak or another activity that may stretch their comfort zone.

Suggest your child talk with their counselors. Counselors are trained to help your child gain confidence and learn new skills, so remind your child to talk with them anytime.

And as a parent, it’s important to stay positive. Reminding your children of all the fun they will have and the friends they will make will help get them excited about overnight camp.

At Camp Kanata, we do what is right. We treat others the way that we would like to be treated and we work hard to make everyone feel welcome and safe. At Camp, we live by our core values by caring for others, speaking honestly, showing respect, being responsible, practicing faith, and valuing family. Each camper is a critical part of creating a place where people feel welcomed, valued, and safe. 

Your child will be asked to abide by the tenets of the Camper Code of Conduct. At the beginning of the week, the Code of Conduct will be reviewed and discussed in each cabin. We encourage you to review the Code and engage in meaningful discussion about doing what is right while at Camp. 

Overnight Campers 

Packing List