Camp Kanata directors have more than 30 years combined experience in overnight camping and outdoor recreation management. They have spent many summers as campers and counselors at overnight camps across North Carolina.



Position: Executive Director
Fun Fact:

I met my wife in London!

Favorite Part About Working at Camp:

Being outside all the time and making friendships that last forever.


Position: Associate Director of Overnight and Day Camping
Fun Fact:

I wanted to be an NFL general manager when I grew up.

Favorite Part About Working at Camp:

Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee are always two activities that I get really excited about.

Position: Operations Director
Fun Fact:

During my first check-in at Camp Kanata (I was five), I turned to my parents as I was walking to the cabin and said “You haven’t left yet?” After that, I don’t think they were worried about me having a good time here.

Favorite Part About Working at Camp:

Imagine the best day of your life. That day is every day at Camp – the people, the place, the cause.

Position: Director of Administrative Services
Fun Fact:

I am learning American Sign Language right now! I am always looking for new friends to practice with. 

Favorite Part About Working at Camp:

When you work at Camp you get to work with the best people around. They live the YMCA Mission and honestly care about the welfare of anyone they come in contact with.

Position: Day Camp Director
Position: VP of Overnight Camps
Position: Director of Prospect Research and Stewardship
Position: VP of Financial Development