Meet the Camp Director

Summer Camp is about to get started and YMCA Camp Kanata is ready to create the best summer ever for the kids spending time with us! To help you get ready for camp, we've decided to introduce you to some of the folks who make camp happen at Camp Kanata.

Meet Shane Brown

Shane Brown has been Camp Director at Camp Kanata for 4 years. Prior to Camp Kanata, Shane was assistant camp director at Camp Cheerio for more than seven years.

What is your first memory of camp?

My first camp memory is playing counselor hunt with my first cabin when I was a 14-year-old camper. I loved getting to explore the woods and getting to know the other kids in my cabin!

What made you decide to work at camp?

When I first went to college I started studying Forestry because I wanted a job where I could be outside and in the woods. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the woods alone were not enough and I needed people too. I switched my major to Parks and Recreation Management and never looked back. The opportunity to change lives helps me to look forward to working every day.

What makes Camp Kanata different from other summer activities for kids?

Without a doubt, our counselors make Camp Kanata different from other summer activities for kids. There are many things that can occupy time in the summer, but there are very few things that will help children to be their best selves. Our counselors invest in our campers because they genuinely care about who they are and they know that today’s campers are tomorrow’s leaders. 

What advice would you give parents of first-time campers?

Going away to camp for the first time is a big deal. It is normal for a child to be anxious.  Rest assured that we are excellent at helping new campers to feel welcome and at home at Camp Kanata. Spend time before camp talking with your child about the things they are hoping for in the experience and let them know what you hope they gain from camp. Let them know that it is normal and ok for them to miss home, but reassure them that you will be there when they finish camp and that you truly want for them to enjoy their camp experience. You can also write letters and emails to them while they are with us to stay in touch and reinforce your desire for them to have a great week at Camp Kanata.