Overnight Camp

Summer 2021 Registration

We invite you to register for Summer 2021 now! 


For those of you who have already registered for your desired week(s), we are looking forward to seeing you next summer!


A week at Camp Kanata is like no other week during the summer.

When kids are away from home and away from parents and everyday friends, they grow. New experiences, new friends and new challenges shape campers into confident, independent kids.

Campers, ages 6 - 15, gain confidence in themselves and who they are by making independent decisions about their day and activities.

Our camper-to-counselor ratio is 5:1, and campers develop strong bonds with their counselors. In turn, counselors help campers reach their goals.

Camp Kanata is intentionally rustic. From our wooden cabins and bunks to our no electronics policy, campers connect with each other in the real world – face-to-face and friend-to-friend – during activities, meals and evening cabin time.


Butterflies: Cabins 1-6
Angels: Cabins 16-18
Daisies: Cabins 25-28
Rangers: Cabins 9-13
Knights: Cabins 14-15
Spartans: Cabins 21-24